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  • Are YOU Still Stuck in the Partisan Rut?

    Are you stuck in the partisan rut?  It amazes me sometimes how many of us still can't think outside the party box.  It amazes me how hard it is to think for ourselves.  I think it is because we have been forced to vote for one party or the other so long that we can't even imagine any other way.  

    If you are independent you are allowed to think for yourself, without having to choose a party.  As I have talked with people I have found that many want to label me so badly that they will sometimes get angry because I won't pick a side.  I can't pick a side.  Picking a side is lazy politics.  It means I don't have to think.  Just pick red or blue and put an X in the box.  I can't do that.  I hope that I can think enough for myself that I don't have to have someone do my thinking for me (i.e., the top two major parties).  

    I grow frustrated sometimes, because it seems so clear to me that the parties have manipulated us and done such a great job at marketing that we have come to think that the party is the only way.  When in fact the parties have been paid off by the very organizations that have off-shored our jobs and thrown our country into the massive mess we are in.  

    And you can't fix this mess by just raising or lowering taxes, or cutting an entitlement program, or just cutting government spending, or "repealing Obamacare."  The fact of the matter is that the economy is shrinking, and that's because the overall American bank account is shrinking.  With a trade deficit of $471,000,000,000 in 2013, that means that much money left our country and NEVER returned.  To put it into perspective, if you were operating a business, and you bought more than what you sold on a yearly basis, you would eventually run out of money and have to declare bankruptcy.  This is America, I am sad to say.  And the reason it hasn't got better is because BOTH parties have been party to passing the ineffective trade agreements that have put us where we are.  

    If you want to get out of the rut, you have to do something different.  You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and hope for different results.  That is the very definition of history repeating itself.  In order to break the cycle we have to declare our independence from the system that has created the mess we are in.  I am running to do just that.  Join me, or stay in the rut.  The choice is yours.

  • We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created EQUAL, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness."

    The Declaration has been with us for 238 years, but some times we just need a little reminder of what it truly means.

  • U.S. Trade Deficit is Biggest Threat

    "Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying, 'The U.S trade deficit is a bigger threat to the domestic economy than either the federal budget deficit or consumer debt and could lead to political turmoil...'. No economic issue today is more pressing than the U.S. Trade Deficit. This predicament should be America's top priority. It is also a key reason why we have high unemployment. Yet most people in America do not understand this Silent Killer or what they can do about it (source: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Biggest-Threat-to-America-by-alec-feinberg-100609-154.html).

    Yet our own Congressman still supports more free trade agreements (see Hastings stance here: http://hastings.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=367638).  Since when have the free trade agreements been "pro-jobs", as Hastings puts it?  It is estimated we have lost 5.5 million jobs to free trade.  They always promise it will create more jobs as it has the "potential" to increase exports.  But our imports always exceed our exports, creating deficits, lowering wages, and sending our jobs overseas.

  • Why I Include "Love" in My Campaign

    I can hear some saying "why do you mention love in your campaign?"

    So I'm going to answer this question.

    What is the purpose of running for Congress or any political office?  Well I would hope that it's not just about winning, being in a position of power, or pushing an ideology.  It should be about improving our lives.  It should be about making your life, and the lives of others better.  It should be addressing issues that are important to those that we "Love."  Love is about providing for our loved ones, making the future better for our loved ones, "loving our neighbor as ourselves," and definitely not being hateful against those who do not agree with our beliefs.  Love opens the door to accept others as they are and recognize that we are all Americans.  If you must have an enemy, should that enemy be your own countrymen?  

    We all have more in common than we know, but partisanship has exaggerated our differences and turned them into a reason to hate.  It is tribalism at it's best; carefully and strategically crafted and marketed to gain audience in support of ideology.  I do not choose to be part of a closed-minded groupthink that does nothing to move us towards progress as a nation.  And while we fall victim to this hate marketing strategy, those who have orchestrated it make detrimental changes to our lives behind our backs.  But I will not retaliate with hate, I will counter their moves with data and logic.  AND, I will choose Love.  Because love says that I must care for the well being of all, not just those who side with me.

    Choose love.

  • Who I Aspire to Be

    Who I am: 

    Your average American guy. Raised on a ranch, went to the Army, got out and earned my degree, and went on to work at Hanford, among many other jobs and places. I have a wife and four kids and I do my very best to provide for them and teach my children to earn their way through life and have respect for all people, regardless of their lifestyle, sexual orientation, or religion. 

    Who I aspire to be: 

    An Independent statesman for liberty AND equality. Because I don’t want to fight against one or the other. Because I want all to live like American’s were intended to: free, untethered, and in prosperity. But the two political parties would have us fight with each other, instead of working with each other towards fulfilling the American dream. I am sick of the bickering. It cuts me to the core, and it is unproductive, wasteful, and we lose precious years that could have been spent working towards bettering ourselves and our country.